Photographs of Japanese stars taken by me


Hello.I am a Japanese, and my hobby is photography.

In this blog, I will introduce the picture of the starry sky that I took.

About my camera

My camera is Sony’s α7RII.and the lens is using SEL1635GMf2.8 as the main.
In addition, α7SII and Samyang14mmf2.8 are also used.

Introducing photos

Sorry I made you wait.

From here, I will post a picture of the starry sky that I took.

Mountain Starry Sky

This is my most favorite work.

I am here and I took it in a harsh environment at -20 degrees.

The place is the Central Alps Senjyojiki Karl in Nagano Prefecture of Japan.

A mountain where the altitude exceeds 2600 m, the world of a wonderful starry sky is spreading.
On the other side are the Southern Alps and the Milky Way.

Let’s introduce the next place.

This is the place where Mt. Fuji symbolizing Japan and the Milky Way are seen.

Here is the Milky Way taken from the highest national highway point in Japan.

Coastal starry sky

The place where the starry sky is beautiful is not just on the mountain.
From the Pacific coast of Japan you can see the wonderful Milky Way.

@ Shizuoka

@ Chiba

@ Ibaragi


Have you enjoyed my starry sky photo gallery?
The photos introduced here are just a few of the whole.
If everyone is having fun, I think that I will write articles in English someday again.
Goodbye then.